"Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe" ~ Neil Gaiman (A Game of You)


Mixed Signals

"That's why I hate blind dates," Sheila said.
"Oh, come on, it couldn't have been that bad," Debbie said.
Sheila cocked an eyebrow.

"Dude, you rock," Rob said.
"Didn't I tell you?" James said.  "And to think you said you hated blind dates.  Good thing I didn't listen to you."
"All right, you were right.  Don't get used to it.

"I thought you said he was good-looking," Sheila said.
"He is.  At least, I think so."
"Don't you think you could have mentioned that he was so short?  I wore heels -- my spiked heels.  I towered over him.  It was like dating a Munchkin."

"Dude, she was so hot," Rob said.
"Yeah, I told you, didn't I?"
"I love blondes.  And those long legs that never stop?  It was like going out with a model."

"You must have had something in common," said Debbie.  "I mean, he's an architect, you're an artist."
"You would think.  When I asked him about his work, he talked for an hour about the city planner fighting with him, something about the size of his acroterion...?"
"What the hell is an acroterion?" Debbie asked, starting to giggle.
Sheila snorted and had to set her water glass down.
"I still have no idea."

"She was smart, too," Rob said.  "She asked me about my work, and she totally got it."

"He didn't just talk about work all night, did he?" Debbie asked.
"No.  Oh, no.  That would have made the night merely boring.  There was the city planner story, something about football, a conversation with his accountant, recounted word for word.  The guy jumped from topic to topic like a crazed Yorkshire terrier."

"She was a good listener, too," Rob said.  "I could tell she was really into me."
"You sure she isn't just after your money?" James elbowed him in the ribs.
"I'm sure it doesn't hurt," Rob said with a wink.

"The worst part," said Sheila, "was that he didn't even leave a tip for the waiter."
"You're kidding."
"Serious.  The cheap bastard.  After we said good-night, I had to sneak back in and leave a twenty."

"I wish we hadn't driven separate cars.  I'd have loved to take her home," said Rob.
"Think you could've gotten some?" James asked.
Rob gave a half shrug with a smug grin that belied his uncertain gesture.  James shoved him.
"Dude."  Rob burst out laughing.

"I'm so glad we drove separate cars," said Sheila.  "Can you imagine if he knew where I lived?"
She shuddered.

"When are you going to ask her out again?" James asked.
"I thought I'd wait a couple a days, play it cool.  Probably call on Thursday."

"What are you going to do if he calls?" asked Debbie.
"Ugh.  I don't know.  Maybe I'll just change my phone number."


I combined two different prompts today: "Leggo your ego" and "He jumped from topic to topic like a crazed Yorkshire terrier."


Sam Pennington said...

This made me laugh so much! And I like that 'he jumped from topic to topic like a crazed Yorshire terrier! Very funny xx

Renee said...

I like the Yorkshire terrior quote too....

Raven Corinn Carluk said...

The contrast of the two points of view on the same thing is wonderfully done.

Laura Pauling said...

misunderstandings and mixed signals can be a lot of fun esp. with friendships or romance. :)

Donna Weaver said...

Ugh. I've been in that height issues mixup. A friend set up a blind date and assured me the guy was my height. Um. No.

Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

Hee hee, great work. Fortunately for me I have never been on a blind date :))

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Ah, there were definitely mixed signals here between the two! And great job incorporating two prompts into this posting.

It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

Anonymous said...

That. Was. Fabulous. You always crack me up Shelli. Seriously. I could just see that whole scene taking place like it was me. Yes, I've my share of blind dates. Too funny!!!

Shelli said...

Sam and Renee -- Thanks; I notice your favorite line is the one that came from the prompt. :/ lol

Raven, thank you, it was a little challenging at first.

Laura -- It was fun to play around with.

Donna -- Haha! I'm loving that visual!

Mercy, thanks! I've never been on a blind date, either. Whew, right?

Jeffrey, thanks for dropping by, and pleased to meet you!

Carrie -- Thanks!!! Glad I could crack you up today!

Nicole said...

This story gave me quite the chuckle. I wouldn't have imagined that someone could come up with this based on those two prompts that you mentioned at the end.

The first prompt makes me think about breakfast!

The Madlab Post

K.C. Woolf said...

I wonder how many of these situations are going on worldwide right now. It's so recognisable. :-)

Fun post!

Angela Felsted said...

This is awesome, it totally made me laugh.

Shelli said...

Nicole, thanks. Yep, it's funny how my mind works. It meanders a lot.

Thanks, KC. I'm just glad it's not me. Marriage has its perks!

Angela, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!