"Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe" ~ Neil Gaiman (A Game of You)


Pay The Writer

My apologies for the language in this video, but I applaud the man's message and his passion.  Never, never, never undervalue the work that you do.


Contemplating (Blog) Suicide

Interesting phenomenon.  I participated in the A-Z Blog Challenge with the intention of meeting new friends and establishing a habit of regular blogging.  While I achieved my first goal, I was unprepared for the existentialist crisis that completing the challenge triggered.

I realized that blogging about writing had taken precedence over actual writing.  I was using my blog to avoid my novel.  Why?  Fear, a lack of confidence, perfectionism -- my personal bullies, I recognized them all.

But my novel was NOT happy being left on the sidelines.  My main character has a story to tell, he wants to tell it to me, he wants me to write it down.  And so I considered taking drastic action to cull all the unwanted obstacles that prevent me from focusing on my writing.

I could just delete the blog, I thought.  No one would really miss it all that much.  Would they even notice?  Maybe. 

I believe that social media is essential for marketing, but I'm so far away from publishing right now.  I could always start a new blog later, once the story is finished and polished and a third novel under way.  That would make more sense, right?

Yet I can't quite pull the trigger and give up my playground.  I like my flash fiction.  I like the support of friends.  I like learning new things.  And yes, sometimes, I like being able to take a break.

I don't think my blog will be the go-to place for consistent, brilliant writing advice.  I don't promise to write on a schedule.  I'll consider it more like a nearby vacation home, a place to kick up my feet and have fun when I need to get away for awhile.


Smart Branding

I came across a site by Neil Paricha, author of The Book of Awesome and The Book of Even More Awesome.  I love how he is promoting his books -- by extending the idea behind the books to his blog.  Each day he blogs about something awesome -- the small and simple joys in life that are all around you, no matter how bad a day you're having.  I loved it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

1000 Awesome Things


How does your blog or website represent who you are as an author?  What brings you joy?


Awards, Awards, Awards!

One of the great things about participating in the A-Z challenge was that it allowed me to meet so many wonderful fellow bloggers.  Today I am basking in the glow of being the recipient of their kindness, as I've been awarded the following awards:

From Jingle, I received the Talented Blogger Award and the Magical Butterfly Award.  Thank you, so much, Jingle!

From Catherine Ensley at Words, World and Wings, I received the Versatile Blogger Award and the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you, Catherine!

Author Elizabeth Mueller has offered the aptly named "I Survived the 2011 A-Z Blogging Challenge Award" to all A-Z Blog Challenge participants. 

And finally, for everyone who finished the challenge, an award's being given by its fantastic hosts: Arlee Bird, Jeffrey Beesler, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Jen Daiker, Candace Ganger, Karen J Gowen, Talli Roland, and Stephen Tremp. Thank you to the hosts!